Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Support Practical FX!

So, I am a great fan of practical effects. From Jack Pierce to Ray Harryhausen to Tom Savini, practical makeup and FX have been a huge part of some of my favorite movies. If you're not hip to the jive, a "practical effect" is any special movie effect that is made of real stuff and filmed in camera, rather than added digitally. In recent years the old standbys, latex rubber and corn syrup, have been supplanted by green screen and AfterEffects. And even then, much of this work is being "outsourced" to Korea where labor is cheaper. In many ways, it's a sad time for cinema.

But, BEHOLD, there is a growing movement of fans who love practical effects, who recognize the immense talent, skill, care, and passion that goes into becoming a Rick Baker or Chiodo Bros.  In fact, our own feature length independent horror movie, "Blackbird Pie" features effects achieved with latex, corn syrup, and tissue paper. And lots of red food coloring.

Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. is an established practical FX house that has worked on a number of big Hollywood productions. When their work was excised or augmented with digital FX, they put their original work online, and discovered this burgeoning fanbase of practical FX fans.

So they've decided to make a movie that will pay homage to practical FX, and they're seeking funding through Kickstarter. If you love the work of these talented craftsmen, and want to show support for their craft, consider throwing a couple of bones their way! Click the image below to visit their Kickstarter page and check out the video promoting their project. It's worth it for the entertainment value alone!

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  1. Heading there now! Have always preferred the real thing over CGI.... Thanks for sharing this :D