Saturday, April 28, 2012

Surfacing for Air

Hey peoples, it's been a while since I posted anything, and I haven't been keeping up with my blog roll, but things have been really busy lately.

Editing is underway on our first feature-length independent horror film Blackbird Pie, and I am currently directing (i.e. chin deep in paperwork) for the animated sequences of the film.

I'm really excited about the animations, we had a great first meeting of the animation team, and everyone contributed a ton of right-on ideas. If we swing it right, we'll be able to pay homage to some of my favorite artists and art movements, everything from the films of Jan Svankmajer, to the Fleischer Bros, and "Big Daddy" Roth!

In addition, I'm anticipating work on a new horror comic, details to be announced, tentatively entitled, "Despair of the Fallen". I'm really excited about this project, the script is underway, and we have the potential to do some really interesting stuff with the horror genre, and I'm sure you all know that I am a great fan of EC Comics Horror Mags, and Weird Tales, and I think we definitely want to do right by the example they set. It's gonna be fun!

This is, of course, all in addition to my new day job(s). Whew.

Also, I've got something new for you at the top of the page. I'm a great fan of The Skull and Pumpkin Blog, and I often visit through all seasons just for Mike's excellently curated seasonal playlists.

So I made my own, it's at the top of the page, and it's not as good as his, but has some of my favorite Hallowe'en tunes. Check it out! Hope everyone is having a Spooktacular off-season.