Sunday, June 5, 2016

Strange Things a-Brewing...

 Hey! So, it's been a while.
I've had to do some thinking about Halloween, and what I want to do going forward.

Over the past few years, admittedly, things have gotten harder and harder for me. Losing my game development job, and then relying on free-lance work while I wrapped up our movie took a lot out of me.

My dwindling income, and lack of spare time meant that I couldn't do much when it came to Halloween these past few years. My last few haunts have been extremely limited, and the truth is that my situation hasn't gotten any easier.

I've also come to accept that I just don't live in a good climate for home haunting. It's almost always rainy and miserable the last week of October, and I rarely get any trick-or-treaters. Last year we saw just two.

With the movie wrapped up I need to refocus on my career, and find stable employment in my field. With this in mind, every spare moment that I have has to be directed towards my portfolio and general job seeking efforts.

At the same time, I have also really wanted to produce more Halloween related content for my blog and YouTube channel.

And luckily this isn't necessarily a conflict in interests. I mean I make horror movies. It's on my resume.

So, moving forward, I am going to be producing a lot more Halloween, Autumn, and horror related artwork, and I am going to be uploading it to my new Tumblr page. I am also going to live stream my painting/sculpting sessions via my Twitch channel.


I'll be posting regular updates when I start a stream, and you can subscribe to my channel if you wish to receive email notifications when I go live.

I hope you'll join me as I undergo these changes. It's a rough time, I am working hard, and having you folks along would really raise my spirits.

Thank you for reading,

The Voodoo Ghoul

Friday, February 12, 2016

More Gore ~ Bleeding Brains

Hi folks. I haven't been around much lately. Been busy starting off the new year.

But I recently discovered this interesting tumblr called "Bleeding Brains, that collects interesting horror and weird images from the 70's and 80's. It's pretty darn rad, check it outs! And be sure to browse their tumblr!

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas all you Creeps

"Down in Yon Forest" traditional Christmas carol

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Creepmas Ornaments

After making that Creepmas card design, I realized that Zazzle also allows you to print your design on Christmas ornaments, and I thought, YES.

I kinda like the idea of a more permanent usage of this artwork, and I can just imagine him peering out from amongst the other decorations on a Christmas tree.

Or a kid years from now, unpacking the family Christmas tree decorations, and finding this, and wondering what it means.

That's what I love about sending artwork like this out into the world.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Don't Cuddle the Krampus

Last night was kinda weird. I kept hearing noises in my house, like someone was moving around, banging doors and drawers. I got concerned enough that I actually got up and turned on all the lights just to make sure there wasn't anyone in my house.

I was disturbed until I told my roommates about it this morning, and I remembered that last night was Krampus Night. So it was just the Krampus all along! I must have been good this year, at least I didn't get a switching!

Anyway, via the excellent AEIOU... and Sometimes Why blog I discovered "Don't Cuddle the Krampus", which I absolutely must have.

When I was a kid, "My Pet Monster" was a literal big fat hairy deal, and though I never had one I was totally an 80's monster kid and loved the design and concept.

Don't Cuddle the Krampus is being funded on Kickstarter, and it will come with a naughty kid sack, and naughty kids to go in said sack.

Pls Santa. PLS!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Santa has a friend... a hairy man...

It's krampus Night! I sure hope you all have been extra naughty this year, so that maybe the Krampus will pay you a visit tonight.