Saturday, September 15, 2012

¢1 Dreadfuls

A few weeks back, Fright Catalog held one of their in-famous penny-auctions on ebay, and I bid on and won this fearsome Manimal Mask (I think they officially call it "Kong the Missing Link"). I'm going to use this on a dummy for Hallowe'en. Believe it or not, I already had the pith helmet, it served as my summertime bicycle helmet, and worked great.

But, acquiring this mask got me thinking, and I did a search on ebay for masks within the .99¢ - 3.00$ range, and lo-and-behold they had quite a few. So I've been buying up these cheapo masks with the intent of turning them into dummies this Hallowe'en.

I'm kind of envisioning my carport as a manor-house parlor, or possibly a gentleman's club a-la Wodehouse's "Ganymede Club". I'm liking this idea.