Thursday, May 16, 2013

MMM ~ Day Six ~ Oyá

Good grievening you denizens of the dungeon dimensions, and welcome to Day Six of May Monster Madness 2013! We're in the homestretch, and today's monster is none other than Oyá, the voodoo goddess of chaos and destruction! Oyá was requested by Magalay Guerero of the Pagan Culture blog! Thank you Magalay, a great selection. I'm a great fan of vodun theology, with its roots in African Yoruba! Like many of the entities in the vodun pantheon, I noticed some similarities with deities of other faiths, particularly Kali the Hindu goddess of chaos destruction and transition (Hence the addition of tusks!).

Click the image for a larger version!

"I would love to see a sculpture of Oyá, beautiful and lethal maybe covered in gore from the last zombies who tried to defy her"

-Magalay Guerrero

Well, that's day six sorted. What malignant monstrosity will round out the week on the morrow? Visit us then to see!

 ~~~ ☠ ~~~


  1. Oh my, those tusks look extra creepy, and all that gore truly says that the Lady kicked some serious zombie behind.

    Thank you!

  2. Came via Magaly's blog and love your creatures, twisted weird and awesome, actually that little rabid ratfink inspired dude is adorable too, great creations and so happy I called by to check them out :)