Saturday, May 18, 2013

May Monster Madess 2013 ~ Belated Day Seven ~ The Unnamable

You thought it was all over, you thought you were safe, but behold, my belated blasphemous behemoth for day seven of May Monster Madness: Alyda Winthrop, the titular inconceivable beast from the film The Unnamable! This monster of the day was requested by the diabolical doll maker of The Dreamspiration blog.

What a great and unique monster! Well that wraps things up for May Monster Madness I suppose. I had fun, and it was a great challenge bringing you a new monster each day!

 ~~~ ☠ ~~~

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  1. Yayyy for The Unnamable! Love those teeth and horns.... great job and thanks for the shout out :D Gotta take a peek at the others... somehow I've missed them on my blogroll.