Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow ~ Creepmas? ~ and a visit from the Krampus?

I woke up to snow yesterday. More snow than we're used to here in Eugene.

I've just left this guy up since Halloween. I was going to stick a deer skull and some jingling bells to Creepmas him up a little, but I never got around to it.

Now he's a snow ghoul I guess. Snow Ghoul!

Also, I noticed that there appear to be two cloven hoof prints on our roof. I do seem to recall hearing something up there last night. I think the Krampus must have passed over our house in the night.


  1. Wow! You did get a lot of snow. We haven't been hit with any yet, but I think we're getting some tomorrow. Your snow ghoul reminds me of a little hanging ghoul some neighbors had out last year. It was out from last October to maybe this August because they forgot it was there! It was funny to see that little thing through the seasons.

    My guess is that those prints on your roof came from an owl. Have you heard any hooting up there lately? If you're still up for that card exchange, you can send your address to my email:

  2. We had a large spill of chicken guts in the Highway up the road ... probably the only use that those snow shovels will see around here ...
    I liked your "Christmas Ghoul"....

  3. Your Snow Ghoul is perfect!

    We haven't had any snow here yet, but I see you've had plenty, and those hoof marks on your roof...what the hell?

  4. Haven't been here in a long while, I should have had. I love this one. Krampus is called Père Fouettard in French, I blogged about him at least once: