Sunday, September 29, 2013

Return of the Boglights

Here it is at last! In 2011 the director of our film "Blackbird Pie" shot footage of our yard haunt at Halloween. I didn't have access to any video editing software at the time, and so the footage languished on my external hard drive.

But I have resurrected that footage! Using our editing suite I have dissected the corpus, and assembled the sundry gobs and snippets into the creature that rests on the slab before you! And so, to celebrate the start of October, and Halloween to come, I give to you: "Return of the Boglights"!

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Halloween 2011 ~~ The Boglights


  1. Sick work dude! Love the shot from inside the pumpkin. Music is cool too.

    Word verification: "Likelli". Yes. Yes I do.