Thursday, September 5, 2013

Frankie jr!

Hey folks. I'm not lying, it is a dark and stormy afternoon, thunder rolls in the distance, and it's perfect weather to show you the Frankenstein head I made.

This is just a styrofoam wig head that I sculpted on with paper clay. I was going for kind of a mix of traits from Jack Pierce's iconic and never topped makeup for Boris Karloff in the original 1931 Universal production of Frankenstein along with the later makeup design for Glenn Strange.

Left: Boris Karloff ~ Right: Glenn Strange

I like the cragginess of the paper clay, though it's pretty much impossible to get fine detail in this stuff, next time I think I'll make my own.. I'm not sure about the paint job I did, I tried mixing purple and green. So whaddayou think? Crits are welcome!


  1. Oh yeah! He's awesome! How's he look under lighting? Looks BIG in your photos! Nice job!

  2. Low lighting conditions are exactly what I'm worried about. He'll need to be lit pretty well just for the face to be recognizable.

    Right now he looks okay in low light, provided the lighting direction matches the highlights in the paint job. I may tinker with it.

    And he is a little larger than full human scale, and considering that the paper clay I used is plaster based, he's really heavy.

    1. Have you considered dry brushing all your high areas with a white or real light green? I never would have believed how much it makes features "pop" under lighting until we started experimenting a couple years ago with various dry brushing techniques. It is a great prop either way!

  3. Thats some really nice work! I think it will look awesome, very organic and creepy.

  4. Nice work. You are one talented guy.