Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Autumn, and 2013 Halloween Candy Guide

Happy Autumn everybody and everybody. All of you bodies, the ones with blood still pumping, and the ones slowly cooling in preparation of the grave.

It is Autumn now! And boy does it feel like it. I crave a chorizo burrito on a crisp day.


So Halloween is fast approaching, and I know everyone will be scrambling to finish their props, set up haunts, plan for parties, and stock up on treats for The Day.  I thought I would share a quick and dirty guide to organic and fair trade candy for the trick r' treaters.

Why organic and fair trade? Well, for one, the quality of conventional products has been declining steadily for a while, and a lot of the treats that were desirable when we were tots just don't cut the mustard these days. In addition to declining quality, one cannot help but note the decline in value as well. Them "fun size" candies seem to get a little more "fun" sized every year. That ain't fair to you, nor to the brave kids that journey out for trick or treats.

In addition to those economical concerns, there are also health and wellbeing concerns. That high-fructose corn syrup stuff is in everything these days, and if a candy company is cheap enough to sweeten their product with corn syrup, you'd better believe they have no compunction about using cornsyrup from genetically modified corn. Blech. You know why they modify it? They're making the plant itself insecticidal! Makes the bugs just swell up and die. What's it do to kids? Well, I keep hearing this stuff about an "obesity epidemic". I don't put no stock in that though.

Anyway, enough horror stories, whatayagonnado? Well thankfully there are quite a few alternatives to traditional candies on the market today, that are organic and fair trade, and here are a few of the better ones.

Well, I usually hand out FULLSIZED bars to the kiddies, so I'll start with those:

Justin's Organic Peanut-Butter Cups
Just like a Reese's only 10X better than Reese's ever were. Quality chocolate, AND in both milk chocolate and dark. Om nom.

The Justin's Website
Justin's at

Oskri Bars
Oskri choco-coconut bars! They're not a traditional candy bar really, more like a chocolate covered vehicle for nutritious candybar-esque fillings like coconut and almonds. If you love Mounds or Almond Joys, you will love these more. Heck, I used to have these for breakfast, the coconut is a massive boost of brain food in the morning. I have yet to try their dark sesame bars, but they sound delicious.

The Oskri website
Oskri Bars at Amazon

Equal Exchange Chocolate Minis
If you're looking for a fun size bar, these are the ones to go for. Real basic dark and milk chocolate mini-bars, and for $25 smackers you can get like 150 bars! Plus these are fair trade chocolates, ensuring that the folks who picked those luscious chocolate beans get a fair share of the profit.

The Equal Exchange website


So those are my recommendations for this year. If you didn't find any of those options appropriate, well here's a website that offers a whole range of organic Halloween candies! It's a candy-cornucopeia already.

I'll leave you with the infographics that I shared last year as well!


  1. Way to give Halloween candy some thought!

    As far as the old treats not cutting the mustard anymore, what happened to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? Those were my favorite Halloween candy when I was young, but now they taste all weird and salty. I'm not sure if I changed or the candy changed. I should look for that "Justin's" brand. Maybe that would bring back the positive peanut butter and chocolate memories.

    "Them "fun size" candies seem to get a little more "fun" sized every year." I got a laugh out of that! So true. I don't think they could get much more "fun". That's generous of you to give out the full sized bars, and organic no less! I still remember the one house that gave full sized chocolate bars when I was trick-or-treating. Just as I remember who gave the pennies. :)

    1. Yeah, I haven't found the iconic candy that is ME yet. Like the one that kids will remember my house for.

      In the meantime, yeah, them full-sized bars are ee-ssential.

  2. Thanks a lot... you just made me want to go out and buy a bunch of chocolate! I'm going to have to check out some of these. I think I would love the Oskri Bars!

    1. Them Oskri bars are really good. Not too sweet, not too chocolatey.

      The mango coconut bar is especially great.

  3. I want all the sweets: the unhealthy and the good for me alike. I will eat them at the same time. Yes, there is no hope for my candy-loving-witchy-self :-D

    1. There is nothing wrong with candy! Nothing! How do you think we got our movie made? Snicker power!

      Plus, fat and sugar are essential brain fuel, and you're a WRITER, so obviously you're gonna need a lot!

    2. You are correct. Yum.

      Please stop by Pagan Culture when you get a chance. There is a proofreading surprise for you *wink, wink*

  4. I'm sorry, I didn't get past "chorizo burrito" (drooling)...they don't have chorizo in the land where I live :(

    Well, that's not quite true. I tried lamb chorizo once...and once was enough.

    1. Yeah I know! I grew up in the Bay Area, and when I moved to the pacific northwest I found it was impossible to get good Mexican food here.

      Luckily things have changed, and now we have a number of good Mexican food places in town. I'm never five minutes away from a good cheap burrita.

      Lamb chorizo... the Latino and Greek parts of my ancestry can't tell if they're offended or intrigued.

  5. I don't visit this blog often enough, too busy writing mine sometimes. This is a really interesting post! Halloween being a celebration of gluttony (among other things) one might as well stuff his face with quality products. Which I do less and less, I am ashamed to say.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Did you see the post I made a few back about different classical interpretations of the "Day of Wrath" theme? I specifically thought that would be one that you'd dig. Here's the link: