Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spook Night

In just before midnight, I wanted to somewhat belatedly wish everyone a Happy Hallowe'en!

I know it's been a tough one for a lot of us this year, what with inclement weather, technical malfunctions, and medical complications.

Maybe it's just an excuse to set aside our annual Hallowe'en ambitions, and admire the night on a simpler level. As we did when we were children. When there were no grandiose plans. When Hallowe'en was a bit of relative Anarchy, and we ran free and flight-footed in the night.

Maybe, this year, it's not about Hallowe'en night, maybe this year it's about All Souls Day. Dia De Los Muertos is tomorrow. I'm going to clear up the haunt, and setup an alter, and show Ghede a little love. After all, he is the reason for the season. What are you gonna do?


  1. Happy belated Halloween! I can see what you're saying about Halloween being a little simpler for some people this year. What bad timing for that storm, not that there's any good timing. I'm looking forward to the Day of the Dead parade in my city tomorrow! Will you be attending any events in celebration?

  2. Well said! I concur. Except for the Day of the Dead part. That's a celebration that is almost unknown in Canada. So I'll be packing away Halloween stuff and drinking wine.