Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Autumn Splendur

You know, I have to say, I've been deeply heartened by the decorating efforts of my neighbors this year. Eugene is usually cold and rainy in October; so most people, myself included, tend not to decorate. But this year I've noticed a remarkable number of houses draped in cobwebs and skeletons. Maybe it was the long, dry, warm indian summer we had. Usually it starts to rain around the end of August, but it was hot and clear through till the first couple of weeks of October this time. I thought I would share some of the neat houses I've seen.

Snapped this on my way in to work. Classic!

These are from an afternoon bike ride along the Willamette

This house was pretty cool. I like my skeletons piled in perfectly equi-distant positions. That way I get optimal spookiness.

Autumnal Sploendoor. Read that in the voice of Matt Berry

Eugene doesn't have a pigeon population. Instead we have all these black birds. They are everywhere, rooting for unspeakable morsels in the soil.

This house was cool, even though a couple of their tombstones had fallen over. Darn you rain!

Here we are in the Whit. This house looks cool at night. They have a blue porch-light that makes everything glow.

Casket full of baby dolls. Full disclosure, this isn't really a Halloween display, this house looks like this year round. As I was snapping the photo, one of the residents was getting into his car, and mentioned that they used to bury the baby dolls in the yard.

This was the first house I noticed, and probably the first yard haunt other than my own that I've ever seen in Eugene. It looks great at night, with that blue flood light going.

And lastly, this was the house across the street from the gargoyle graveyard. They carved their punkin' too early, and it's already started to ingratiate itself with the porch.
I hope to get more shots of the cool decorations I'm seeing on my way too and fro' downtown!


  1. Nice snaps! It's so nice to see the different ways people have of decorating their houses. I don't get to see too much over here in the Arabian Gulf. And, by the way, thanks so much for the great music podcast!

  2. "they used to bury the baby dolls in the yard" I have a feeling there's a story there!

  3. @P.E. Cor

    Glad you like the tunes!


    I think they used to have the dolls crawling out of the ground like zombies.

    I have more pictures of that house, but I didn't post them. They've got a golf cart converted into a sailing ship, complete with a gold figure-head. And they've got an old fashioned "Zoltar" fortune teller booth on the porch.

  4. Halloween Greetings from the "Crypt"... and sorry to hear about the Slugs... Sand around your Pumpkins usually works... the Doctor