Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's October

One of our pumpkins, models a penny auction mask. I got this mask cheap, for a buck, from China. Ha ha! I have a fondness for cheesey cheap stuff. It's a little flattened, and I haven't been able to mold it back into shape. I kind of like that effect though, makes it seem all more the mummified.

I did repaint it though, the original paint job was pretty flat and lackluster, just a yellowish white with some blood around the mouth.

I started the repaint by giving it a wash of black, and then layered on some brown, then cream for the bandages. Lots of green, especially to bring out the layering on the bandages, and finally a brushing of sickly yellow. I love the look of dry brushing.

I bought this mask, because it reminded me of a monster from a childhood nightmare. It was kind of a wacky nightmare, taking place in a hospital full of monsters. This mummy was confined to a hospital bed, and I couldn't be sure if it was an Egyptian mummy, or some long forlorn hospital patient.

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  1. Cool mask! And reading you, I think I know what to blog about tonight!