Friday, November 2, 2012

Haunt 2012

Hello all, and a happy Dia De Los Muertos to you! Time to share this years haunt pics!

In the Dark

By Light of Day


  1. Fabulous! Even the daytime shots look creepy <:O

  2. How wonderfully horrid! Love it, love it, love it! I think I may try an 'enclosure' next year! thanks for sharing your photos - it's always interesting to see what everyone does!

  3. Creepy stuff buddy! Attention to detail is always a great thing !

  4. I like the fireplace....a cool idea for a haunt!

  5. Hey guys, thanks for taking a peek. I was satisfied with how the haunt turned out this year.

    I wanted to do a couple more costumed dummies, and put up the bog lights from last year, but I just ran out of time.

    @Ron, Yes, I always put up tarps or plastic to partition off my carport for the haunt.

    @Ked, Thanks! Though, honestly, I wanted even more detail than I got. I wanted the seance table to be littered with more occult accoutrements, but I put my brother in charge of that, and he slacked off on me. Heh,

    @Willow, Yeah, that fireplace was a xmas gift from my dear old Dad, and it was perfect for the haunt, though it didn't put out as much light as I would have liked.

  6. looks so cool--esp. love the fireplace set-up!