Saturday, September 15, 2012

¢1 Dreadfuls

A few weeks back, Fright Catalog held one of their in-famous penny-auctions on ebay, and I bid on and won this fearsome Manimal Mask (I think they officially call it "Kong the Missing Link"). I'm going to use this on a dummy for Hallowe'en. Believe it or not, I already had the pith helmet, it served as my summertime bicycle helmet, and worked great.

But, acquiring this mask got me thinking, and I did a search on ebay for masks within the .99¢ - 3.00$ range, and lo-and-behold they had quite a few. So I've been buying up these cheapo masks with the intent of turning them into dummies this Hallowe'en.

I'm kind of envisioning my carport as a manor-house parlor, or possibly a gentleman's club a-la Wodehouse's "Ganymede Club". I'm liking this idea.


  1. Ooh! Penny auctions! It sounds like there's yet another category of items to lure me onto ebay. :) I hope you'll post photos of all your masks and the display you put together!

  2. I used to find gorillas very scary.

  3. Really? They're one of my favorite great apes! Personally I find chimps and bonobos scarier, gorillas seem very relaxed and benevolent to me.

    1. I used to, when I was a young child. Maybe because of King Kong, or Planet of the Apes, I don't know. They are rather shy and peaceful, while chimpanzees can be very ferocious, even murderous. Gorillas were my favourite great apes even when I was scared of them. Save as wolves: I loved them just a much when I thought they were grandmother eaters.

  4. Sorry if my reply seemed a bit "harsh"....But Stacey's "mental state" may be worse than his Physical health issues....And with the "personality Fragmentation" disorder If Stacey falls apart we have the Doctor to "take over" things for a bit.... but it looks like this A**Hole who started the first post re-stirred up this same old "Crap"... thus maybe the Need to just "lay low" and seldom venture out till after it all passes over ..or another topic like more murders in the area changes the "topic of interest"
    on the "up-side" of it all....I have been given the "title" of "Greatest Villain" of Marshville....LOL Thanks for the Moral Support though... your good "fiend" and Follower ....The Doctor and "Stacey"
    As for My "Revenge" upon the Town.....I think the Town Should be more "Green"....

  5. The Gorilla at the Ashboro Zoo... ( the Older "Mother" ape.. I think she has passed on though)... Whenever some one would go to take a photo of her ...She would see the camera and then turn and and lean over facing away from the camera...with her ass sticking up at them.... lol... this is what most people ended up with an image of , if they were to take her picture...

  6. You must post some post pics of all your characters! What a great idea too...and a good price range too! Love the pith helmet!

  7. We wish you well this Holiday season... your "fiend" and follower...the Doctor