Friday, August 23, 2013


I sat down and painted the witch head that I made last week, then I sealed her up with clear coat and set her out to dry. She's still a little tacky, but I went ahead and took some photos while I still had light.

Honestly, she's kind of creeping me out, so I figure she'll spook the kids come Hallowe'en.

For the paint job, I put on a coat of black paint and then dry brushed on some violet, over which I added highlights in metallic gold. Then I tinted the whole thing with forest green, brought out the highlights with light olive green, and finally accentuated with more gold.

My hope is that the metallic paint will help catch the light, and I tried to give her a light enough paint job that she'll show up in the dark. I somewhat regret tinting the whole thing green, I suspect that doing olive highlights over the violet base would have created an interesting effect.

And she still needs eyes. I am thinking about using some semi-translucent green marbles that I saw at the dollar store, though I visited the Mecca art supply thrift store yesterday, and they had a whole barrel of ping pong balls.

When this witch head is done, I think I'm going to do a Frankenstein.


  1. Isn't it great when you're creeped out by your own projects? :) I figure that if you as the creator are creeped out, you've done something right! So far so good. I think well done homemade props beat store bought ones any day. The kids are sure to be scared by her.

    I'm surprised your Dollar Store has marbles. I've never seen any at ours. I was going to use marbles in a skull last year, but I ended up painting some eyes in the sockets instead. You probably have too textured a surface to do that. She looks good and scary with no eyes too.

  2. I am very impressed! That is pure damn wickedness!

  3. Hey thanks folks,

    I want to use the glass eyes for this, because the head is actually hollow, and with translucent material I can put a light inside the head and make her eyes glow.

  4. I think your paint job turned out incredible! It is totally creepy. Painting is something we aim to improve on at HHH, so I totally admire this.

  5. Thanks, I'm not the most experience with painting props, but I think I might do a tutorial on the techniques that I use.