Saturday, August 17, 2013

Which Witch is Which?

I've been itching to do some Halloween stuff, but between being broke and not being sure if I'd relocate to New Orleans before October, I haven't really done anything yet this year.

But last night I got kind of bored, and decided to start on a witch prop. I've wanted a witch for my haunt for a few years. Witches are cool. This one is admittedly influenced by Pumpkinrot!

My mother gave me a "bag 'o' bones" for Christmas a couple years ago... I'll just let that sink in... anyhow I took the skull out of the bag, nabbed a roll of masking tape, put on a few episodes of Charlie Brooker to put myself into an appropriately misanthropic mood, and set about laying some flesh on dem bones.

I think she's turning out okay. I need to find some way to seal it, as the tape will lose its tackiness eventually, then I just need to paint her up.


  1. Nice! I saw the Pumpkinrot in it from the thumbnail in my blogroll. I'd say that's a job well done.

  2. That is just great....Very Pumpkinroty. Get you some flat deck sealer.

  3. That's a good night's work! What are those teeth made of? They look good and creepy emerging from that masking tape skin.

  4. Thanks folks. Hhm, deck sealant, I may need to look into that. I have some lacquer, but it's high gloss.

    The teeth are just part of the skull I used, a cheap plastic one like this:

    I want to get some black marbles for eyes.

  5. Wickedly awesome. Can't wait to see her when you're done!