Saturday, August 3, 2013

Welcome to, the Twilight Zoan

This is Zoan, our newest resident at the house. Zoan is actually a previous acquaintance, he lived with our roommates when we were all still in apartments. When we moved to the house, Zoan went to live with my roomies ex-girlfriend. Well this week the roomie went to help his ex move her stuff our of her ex-fiancees house, and they found that the fiancee had left Zoan all alone in the house with a pile of food and no one to care for him.

So Zoan was scooped up and brought back to our house. Left to his own devices without anyone to care for him, Zoan had overeaten and gotten too fat to clean himself properly, so he got a bath and grooming job. My roommates brushed out the burrs, cut off the matted hair, and put salves on his wounds.

So our house finally has a black cat, which I think was somewhat innevitable.  Zoan is a real buddy too, always wandering under my desk while I'm working, looking for a little attention. I prefer nice cats to the aloof ones, So we're gettin' along.


  1. That is cool X 2. Looks like a good buddy!

  2. aww poor guy! glad you have a new buddy. We used to have a black cat mascot at Higbee Horror Haunt named Kitty (of course).

  3. I'm so glad Zoan as a good home now.

    Still, I want to smack that ex-fiancee on the back of the head. What a piece of work!