Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Seasons Grievings

Well, Hallowe'en is once again safely ensconced in my bedroom closet.

Last year, we didn't take down our indoor decorations till about June. Not only did they get a little distressed throughout the year, but it just wasn't as special when we dug them out on October 1st. I kind of don't want to put up our old and semi-valuable paper decorations, they seem to wilt a little more each year.

I guess I'll have to decorate for xmas now. And perhaps I'll brew something up for Creepmas. Tis the season after all. The season of The Wild Hunt that is.


  1. I leave my Halloween decorations up all year around, it makes me happy seeing x_x

  2. Halloween decorations out for too long are like Christmas decorations out for too long: they dilute the spirit of the season when the season comes. I start taking them out relatively early, however I take them down early too.

  3. Happy Holidays dear Lady...
    Hope that you and yours are well