Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fall Descends

Well, the weather has cooled substantially and the air is redolent of softly fermenting apples. We're here at the tail end of August, I suppose the kiddies are heading back to the gulags just about now?

Looks like we're about ready to coast into fall. I'm ready for a nice easy Hallowe'en season. I'm thinking old skool, I'm thinking stuffed dummies and rubber masks.

But, what are you guys up to this year? Big plans? Little ones? What do you have in your bag of tricks this year? I can't wait to see everyone's haunts!


  1. Good to hear from you again buddy! The Wicked Woods is going to have a few new dead heads in it and hopefully a brand new decrepit fence to boot. Can't wait to see your first teaser pics!

  2. Your post makes me wish for old school...we are of course in over our heads :D

    Looking forward to everyone elses stuff too!


  3. Up to our elbows in styrofoam, paint, glues and the like... But "old school" does sound really good!

  4. Is that little "Sam" standing next to fence...???

  5. Glad to see you bloging again. Temperature here has been getting colder and colder. Very autumnal feel.