Monday, November 21, 2011

That's a Wrap!

Molly Turner, our survival(?) girl

I disappeared for a bit, but why did I come back now?

Last night we finished shooting principal photography on our feature length independent horror picture: "Blackbird Pie"!

We celebrated with some fancy Blackbird County champagne, leftovers from one of our penultimate scenes.

We still have some re-shoots to do, but this is a big milestone for us, and it left me recalling an icy cold Thanksgiving-Eve (at 3 am) when we finished shooting our short film "Zombie Awareness Now!" shot on DV with a budget of Zero dollars and no cents.

Next up we have editing to get into, and I will be directing the art department as we begin on the animated sequences of Blackbird Pie.

Left to right: Serena, our awesome makeup fx person, Mr. Punch, and Allister Wolf


  1. I love the atmosphere of a shoot.

  2. Congrats on the Project.... Sounds like things are going well your way...
    Best Wishes.... your friend ...the Doctor

  3. We wish you and yours a happy holiday season from the Crypt... The Doctor