Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Creepmas Mass Ӝ 13 Chimes

I didn't really blog Creepmas along with everyone, though it was fun to see all of the creepy Christmassy cheer that was spread. A sort of digital wassail!

I wanted to share a bit myself, so lift up that wassailing cup and take a drop of this.

"Saint Nicholas" by Robert W Weir
Click the picture for video clip

"Nicholas Was..." is a short story written (and read) by eminent author Neil Gaiman, and reflects much of how I have always felt about Santa Claus.

One year, I crept out of bed, late at night on Christmas Eve. I snuck into the dining room, which adjoined the living room, and could hear something shuffling around by the tree. No matter how hard I tried though, I couldn't bring myself to look. It wasn't fear that paralyzed me, it was something else, something deeper and more arcane. It was magic. Saint Nicholas, whoever that man may be, does not want to be seen.

I always knew this, in my bones. They always told us that the fellows at the mall were just Santa's "helpers", and they are jolly enough. The television specials always portray Santa that way, Jocular and benevolent.

But we know better. We always have. No one is that good, that beneficent. I understood that this "jolly old elf" bit was a facade. In order to travel all around the world in the span of only one night, father Christmas must command some terrible power. And no one with such power is wholly benevolent. We know this too, instinctively.

So, what is the true nature of this mysterious being? who creeps into our homes through the hearth, on the darkest and coldest night of the year, and leaves children marvelous gifts, or more menacingly, lumps of coal.

No, I always knew, instinctively, that Nicholas was a dark soul, a fellow traveler in our explorations of the regions of the macabre.

If Gaiman's "Nicholas Was" does not strictly relate the facts about Santa Claus, it does admonish us to remember the nature of father Christmas.

Merry Creepmas friends,


  1. Well said! Thanks for dropping by my blog I appreciated your comments Mantan. Have a terrific Hollowday and a Haunting New Year.

  2. Awesome clip. Loved that he mentioned Loki.

    I agree, there is something very dark and sinister about Santa. Maybe that's why I like him so much.

  3. Hello Voodoo Ghoul
    Dr. Theda here ...Nice take on the jolly old fat We have installed "Malewarebytes" to help with the program... i will have to wait until Alex gets time to fix things...Running "Safe mode" for now Too bad I have no Sound..
    Take care and bye for now ...the Doctor

  4. It will not allow Malewarebytes to open so that I can run it .... Just a mess for now... Oh Well
    ....the Doctor

  5. I have been trying to post at least one Creepy Christmas post per day ...some are pretty cool... Still have more to pots before Christmas ... I want to know more of your movie that you and yours were working on....
    your friend.... the Doctor

  6. Good luck with the malware doc, it's a toughy.

    I'll definitely post any updates on production. We'll have some re-shoots, and then we'll be moving on to editing, animation, and post-production. I'll keep y'all posted.

  7. A brilliant and thought-provoking counter-point to all of that cheery Coca-Cola propaganda about Santa Claus. And just the sort of distraction I needed to cheer me up a little at 4 AM when I'm in a decidedly non-festive temper. :)

  8. >:) How is this for an "evil smiley" face... I never used these "faces" before in text...

  9. We hope that you and yours had a very merry Christmas....and hope you are well...
    your follower ...the Doctor

  10. >:7 I like This "face" design best....
    Hope you and yours are well your Friend ...the Doctor

  11. I posted a "shout out" on you and your Great Art Work....

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