Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkins (2011)

What a beautiful couple of post-Halloween days it's been. Clear blue. Yesterday we sat out on the porch with a cuppa, talking about the movie and watching them yellow leaves just coming down. Very Zen, you dig?

Got some fresh candles to keep our Jack o' Lanterns lit. It's been so cold, they haven't even started to fuzz yet.

Left-most two are mine, and the chipper little fellow on the right is B's. I always envy J's jack o' lanterns, he seems to possess an intuitive pumpkin carving genius, so this year I really worked hard to get mine right. I like the middle one the best great wild expression and weird unconventional design. Next year, next year.

J did the cyclops on the left, and the Meatwad in the middle, and the classic fellow on the right is Carly's. The cyclops was originally going to be King Harkinian in bas relief, but he encountered vexations.


I loved how this guy cast shadows on the night. I think I'm going to start carving faces on the back of my jack o lanterns from now on, so that they cast faces on the walls.


  1. Wow! Such talent in carving your Jack o Lanterns. I love them all. There's nothing better than a cool night spent on a porch with family.

  2. Those look great! You can never get enough good Jack pictures.

  3. Nice Jack-o-Lanterns! Really like that Cyclops one.