Monday, September 19, 2011

What To Do With Your Soul

Shots from the set of the shoot last night. I assumed that some of these set dressings were African in origin, well you know what assumptions make me. Our producer Dave set me straight, actually these are from Fiji:

This is for whacking you on the head and stealing your soul...

Whereas THIS is for trapping your soul once you've been whacked

Incidentally, the boars head is handmade by my brother, who makes these weirdo fur monster masks. They've got sweet jaw-action. Just thought I'd mention, in case anyone is interested in commissioning one.


  1. I'm fairly new to your blog, so I don't know anything about your movie project. These photos have me intrigued. What is your movie about?

  2. A little hard to describe. It's basically about a corrupt little county called "Blackbird" where the local serial killer's victims happen to be all the right people. Part slaher movie, part dark comedy, we're calling it a "satyrical slasher".

  3. Sounds like a movie I'd like to see. love the soul stealer and trap.

  4. interesting Plot/ Storyline.... Mabey your Killer could do Marshville Next... As Mr. Tood said... "They All Deserve to Die..."
    And I made a "post" for you... Have a Nice Day...the Doctor