Thursday, September 29, 2011

In Dreams

I've been having trouble... sleeping... lately. Not nightmares exactly, just bland disorderly dreams. I've been admonished by friends, that I ought to try mugwort. It's supposed to help with dreams, purportedly intensifies dreaming, can help develop lucid dreams and even prophetic dreaming. I saw that they had bulk mugwort at the New Frontier market, so I purchased a bit. It smokes nicely, it's easier to keep lit than the more dense and moist tobacco, and has a pleasant herbal smell. I'll be making some tea with it before bed too.

Oh, and the beer is superfluous, except that it's really good, really pumpkin-y, and the label says that its dedicated to the PĂșca.

Also, a sneak glimpse of one of my Halloween props for this year. It's up to you to deduce what exactly it is that's glowing over there.


  1. Sorry to hear about the sleep issues. Been there many times myself. My guess to what your prop is......... a radioactive cat in a litter pan?

  2. No... but that's a good idea for next year.

  3. Okay...forgive me for being clueless on the subject of herbs, specifically Mugwort. But I'm curious if it produces any hallucinogenic effects at all. I ask this stupid question only because of the mention of lucid and prophetic dreaming. Are those dream states ever hallucinogenic or are they two completely different states of being all together?

    I know that may be a really stupid question, and again I apologize....but I am curious, so I had to ask for clarification if you don't mind?

  4. I didn't notice any hallucinogenic effects, aside from misplacing a spent match that was right in front of me.

    For the record, I've never taken any hallucinogenic substances, so I can't compare.

    But I have had lucid dreams before, without the aid of any supplements. Basically the dream becomes incredibly real, like everything is far more tangible and detailed than in real life. Basically it feels like being awake and super-sensitive to your surroundings.

    I'll definitely update with any dream progress that ends up happening.

  5. I've had occasional bouts of sleeplessness most of my life. Used to love the buzz that came with sleep deprivation but can't handle that anymore. If I don't get 7 or 8 hours I AM a zombie. I've had some success with herbal remedies that contain valerian and/or skullcap. Also use melatonin on occasion. It really helps with jet lag.