Tuesday, December 1, 2015

We Wish You a Scary Creepmas!

Hey Everyone, good day, and welcome to Day 1 of Creepmas 2015!

 In honor of the subversive seasonal fun, my brother and I have produced this creepy Creepmas Greeting Card to help you celebrate the season!

This is the first paper novelty that we're offering, but in the future I hope that we'll expand with die cut paper Halloween decorations and more. Who knows what we'll see in the future!
Keep Hallowe'en with you all the year, and at Christmas we'll have Creepmas Cheer!

You can click the card to see options for ordering your own Creepmas Cards for friends and family, or you can share this digital version. Actually, please do! I'd love to see the Creepmas Creep leering out from other's blogs. Let's share the Creepmas Spirit far and wide!

Scary Creepmas!


  1. We did not know it began December 1st....
    Thank you, dear Lady Voodoo Ghoul ... we have been "off-line" for a bit.... too much "Drama" to deal with for the present.... (Mostly the "problems" of Friends and those that we care about...)

    1. Yeah it sounds like crazy stuff has been going down. Hope your friend is okay.

    2. We talked to his boss (at the job he had just started... and he will be able to keep his new job after this mess) ... so did what we could for matters.....
      ... A Merry Krampus weekend to you and yours....

  2. Lovely Creepmas card - thank you for sharing.