Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Hallowe'en

Hey e'rybody, Happy Hallowe'en.

Miraculously, after a week of torrential rain, the sky is clear, and the dieing rays of the sun are gently bathe the autumn landscape. My home is haunted, my friends are happy. My heart is heavy.

I'm goin' trick 'r' treating. See you,


  1. Happy Halloween! Have fun trick-or-treating! :)

  2. Hope you got lots and lots of candy. I only had 5 trick or treaters so I gave them a pound of candy each.

  3. We hope you had a great one as well , dear Lady Voodoo Ghoul.....
    we were reading over a past "comment" of yours in our older posts at the "Crypt"....
    Interesting what you said about "ego"....
    an "Ego" is something that we seem to be lacking....
    Do you need a "conscious" to have one...??
    Please think over this "question" and post me a "comment" at my blog ..... interested in your "take" on the topic.... Stacey / "the Doctor"...