Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gallery of Lost Haunts

I was making a digital inventory of my external hard drive yesterday, and found these old Halloween paintings I made. It's strange looking back on older art work.

I like painting jack 'o' lanterns, obviously

I also seem to enjoy painting low-light situations.

I hope you are not offended by nekkid witches. Don't worry, it's all perfectly aboveboard, I've taken the life drawing classes. I am a certified artiste, and it's alright for us to draw naked people. In fact, it's kind of a requirement of the gig.

If you need any paintings of naked people, I'm available for commissions, ha ha.

The software that I painted these in is called "ArtRage", and it's actually really cool. Having rediscovered it, perhaps I'll do some new Halloween paintings!


  1. Thank you for posting these works...
    we were looking forward to seeing them....
    ...and the "Witch" reminds us of the Swamp-Witch in the 1986 film , Legend.... ("old Meg Mukelbones"...)

  2. The second image has a cool "creepy" look to it...

  3. Nekkid witch is my favorite - I love how you captured her bony spine and pelvis and her sunken eyes and jaw. Very cool.