Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ψ What is it Ώ

This was made from the shattered remains of that big lots skull. Must be cursed, because it kept taking a header to the pavement last night whilst I was applying creepy cloth. I hung it up in the sun this afternoon, and really liked how this shot came out. So another, this time inadvertent, teaser.


  1. It's lookin like a voodoo ghoul!

  2. Looks awesome and creepy! LOVE it!

  3. Indeed, this shot turned out grand. Your project appears to have lurched into the frame while you were shooting a more mundane subject. That feeling of the unexpected works so well with this teaser.

    Looking forward to the reveal!

  4. Oh thanks folks,

    So much to do, gotta clear out the carport and set up the haunt today.