Monday, October 31, 2011


Cool and clear, right on the money. Haunt is in operation. The moon is a crescent and my powers are at their height. It's quiet now, no trick or treaters yet.

Happy Halloween everyone.

Some pics of the evening

A bog light in action. I'll have to see if I can get some decent shots of these for you.

Last minute Halloween mask, Jack Carver, the Jack o' Lantern that carves you back.

Some of our Jack o' Lanterns this year. The two left-most are mine.

Fogging devil was a gift from my Dad. It reduced a toddler to tears.

Another bog-light. He seems to have gone out.


  1. Happy Halloween to you too! Are we looking at a ghost in your picture? :)

  2. Happy Halloween Justine

    It was a shot at the moon, but a cloud got in the way.

    The bar across the bottom is a rusty kitchen knife (forged in 1937!?) that I'm holding aloft. Part of my costume.

  3. Wow...that fog breathing Devil would reduce me to tears too...ha! He is awesomely scary looking! A most magical Hallowe'en to you!

  4. I love the look of the Jack Carver character. And you've even got the tagline down. I'm sure a script is soon to follow and away to Hollywood with him!

    I hope you had a steady string of ghastly visitors to appreciate your efforts as the evening wore on!

  5. A delayed Happy Halloween! Great, great, GREAT pics!

  6. Love the pics. Good job ob the pumpkins!

  7. Nice pics! That devil is one scary SOB