Saturday, November 7, 2015

Happy Halloweiner!

I won a contest over at Holly's Horrorland, and the upshot is that I received this monster jack o' weiner for Halloween.

That's right... it's a major award.
Definitely going in the window...
...for all the neighbors to see.

Actually I had it addressed to my brother, who is a much bigger wiener aficionado than me. He was duly surprised, and I think truly appreciative.

Thanks again Holly, your blog is great, and so are you! Heh heh heh...

There's the money shot.


  1. You are cracking me up big time with this one. I love the way the skeleton is cudding that thing and the jack o lantern testicles. Really quite creative!

  2. That award is "Hard On" the eyes.

  3. I'm not quite sure what to say about that award... Congratulations?! LOL

  4. Not sure if I should comment on this or not.

  5. My pleasure! Looks like it's the skeleton's pleasure too heh heh.

    Happy belated Thanksgiving my great friend!