Thursday, October 8, 2015

O' Goddamn Ninkase

Ninkasi released a Halloween beer...

I really don't like to promote Ninkasi beer, because they're gentrifying our beautiful anarchist neighborhood, but damn it, they brew a good beer, and I could not resist trying their Halloween brew. Even if it's $9 bucks a bottle. Darn it.

Close up of the label art. It's so good. Look at dat headless horseman. He's throwing up' devil horns!
Imperial Dark Double Alt Ale, with Pumpkin and Brown Sugar. It was really rich and smooth, almost syrupy, on account of the brown sugar I guess.
But there was like no  pumpkin flavor, or at least very little. Very disappointing.

I just sat in the yard and watched the autumn breezes gently caress the local flora. The gradually sere-turning leaves rattling faintly on the wind.

Followed up with a few Obsidian Stouts from Deschutes Brewery. Much more my speed (let them gentrify some other sucker's neighborhood). A tasty stout, almost an espresso flavor.

Just enjoying Fall.


  1. I quite like Wychwood Ales (Hobgoblin and Firecatcher) and love the sound of Sleigh'r. The label art looks awesome!

  2. Yum - sounds like a lovely way to spend an evening. I am an IPA gal myself.

  3. I really look forward to fall every year, and one of my favorite parts about the season is all the beers there are to sample. I love pumpkin beers, but I had a great spiced cocoa mole beer from New Holland. My fiance just brought home a pack of "Ichabod" the other day, and it's pretty good.

    1. I do too. I've just been so busy working on a big art job that I haven't been able to take enough time to enjoy the season.

      Definitely envy you your choco-mole beer, that sounds very interesting.

  4. Goodie, goodie, goodie! I'd love to drink these beers.

  5. And I often find that pumpkin flavoured beers taste have a very faint pumpkin taste. Maybe because pumpkin does not have such strong flavour to begin with? Most of what I eat that is made of pumpkin also has spices.

    1. I'm definitely a bigger fan of the pumpkin part over the spice part. So far Blue Moon pumpkin ale is my favorite.

      If you ever get a chance you should try some ninkasi, I get a creeping suspicion you'd dig it in particular.