Saturday, August 15, 2015

Haunt 2015 ☠ The Gravedigger's Plot

Hey folks. I think this has been the craziest week of work I've ever done. Grave yard shifts from noon to 5am, transcribing actual phone calls of crazy meth cooks.

It's been an insane amount of work, and in order to keep MYSELF sane, I watch haunt videos on YouTube while I work. Man, there are some crazy creepy haunts out there guys. Super cool.

While I was working, and watching all these haunt videos I started to think about what I'd like to do for my own haunt. I think I have a good theme for this year's haunt.

Times are tough, and manual labor doesn't pay a lot, so it's actually very kind of the cemetery owners to let the caretaker have a little plot of dirt outside of his shack on which to grow some food. But, while veggies are nice, grave digging is hard work and you can't just pull meat out of the ground... can you?


  1. "you can't just pull meat out of the ground... can you?" Eww! Not fresh meat, anyway.

    "transcribing actual phone calls of crazy meth cooks" ???

    1. Oh you must age the meat to get the finest marbling. Everybody knows that.

      Yes, transcription work for what I presume is a pending court case. They were prison phone calls between members of a gang of meth cooks. It was quite an interesting counterpoint to the usual business meetings that I transcribe.

      Business people are trying to say very little using as many words as possible, whereas the gangsters had to communicate whole volumes whilst being as discrete as they could.