Friday, July 3, 2015

The Weirdest Haunt Ever?

Most hayride style haunts go for a conventional rural theme, I mean it is a hay ride after all.

Griffith Park in the scenic hills of north Hollywood evidently went for a hayride theme that's considerably more... unconventional. It is... dare I say it... artsy fartsy?

Rubber band slamming between sacrificial shrink wrapped babies, somber military encampments, and homicidal Trick or Treaters, this haunt provides a plethora of interesting new ideas for haunting.

Keep an eye out for the swooping bird people. A super creepy effect with interesting potential applications!


  1. Hope that you are well dear Lady Voodoo Ghoul....
    and hope that you and yours had a pleasant Holiday Weekend... about to watch your post on the LA "Hay-Ride"....

  2. The "bird-thing" atop the poles was rather "creepy"....